Varieté et cetera

To start my blog on WordPress I’d like to share a few photos I took two days ago when I enjoyed a beautiful vaudeville show in my hometown Bochum. All artists did a marvelous job and it was highly entertaining. This has been my third visit to the Varieté et cetera and I was totally stunned again. Especially the woman who performed while hanging in ropes was absolutely thrilling.

The funny part is that the host finally decided to pick me up and bring me onto the stage so I had to assist two artists while they were performing. Of course I’m not very experienced in standing in front of a whole crowd so that was some kind of a kick!

I hope you enjoy the photos. Please let me know what you think about them.

20140131 SHOW_ETCETERA 0036

20140131 SHOW_ETCETERA 0004

20140131 SHOW_ETCETERA 0048

See more here!

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