FLORENCE 2013 – Black and White FILM Photography

When I was in Florence last year I often left my D800 behind in the hotel and switched to analog photography. It just feels great to shoot photos the old way because you think more about the photo you are about to take – and you have to wait for the results which makes it a bit thrilling I guess.

If you want to see more of my analog Black and White photography check out my Tumblr as well. Nearly all of my uploads are analog photographs.

I’m pretty happy with the results and I hope you are as well. Enjoy!

2013_08_14 ANALOG bw 0009

2013_08_14 ANALOG bw 0011

2013_08_14 ANALOG bw 0012

2013_08_14 ANALOG bw 0013

4 thoughts on “FLORENCE 2013 – Black and White FILM Photography

  1. Feels like looking at Florence in the old days. Amazing composition of black and white! Gosh, you do still have an analog camera..How did you process the films?

    • Thank you! Yes analog photography is a passion I regained about a year ago. We still have stores that process films. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to process them all by myself but this is definitely on my bucket list!

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