Elina in Budapest – PORTRAIT

As I told you before I have a friend who studies in Budapest and I decided to visit him again for past New Year’s Eve because I’ve never celebrated the start of a new year in a capital. So I was very excited. It turned out that he had to study a lot so I was happy that I got my camera with me to go out and take some photos.

It turned out that Elina, the best friend of my friend’s girlfriend, visited her beloved soulmate in Hungary as well so we spent one day together striding through Budapest. It was great fun. She’s really into fashion and everything. You can check her Instagram.

I took these portraits of her randomly during our coffee-timeouts. At first we had breakfast in the lovely Central Café, the oldest coffee house of Budapest. Afterwards we hang out at the absolutely gorgeous and overwhelming Café New York. It’s really stunning.

As always I hope you like the photos. Although I didn’t put much effort in creating something really special I still think they turned out well.

Cheers everyone!

itisnovember_FAIR VSCO 0009

itisnovember_FAIR VSCO 0007

itisnovember_FAIR VSCO 0010


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