FASHION SHOW Day 2 – Preparations

Yesterday was a day which will definitely be a part of my personal Best-of 2014. As I told you earlier I had the chance to participate in a fashion show in Düsseldorf and we all admitted that it was a very great experience and so much fun although it has been very exhausting as well. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to get to know so many new faces and nice people. They really made my day! The atmosphere was just so comfy.

The fashion show was hosted by the private fashion school of Düsseldorf where 22 young students presented their collections. One of them is a friend of Patricia (who you may recognize in a few of the following photos) and me. Thumbs up for the great organization of this event!

Of course I didn’t really focused on photography yesterday because we had other stuff to do. There were plenty of other photographers taking shot after shot anyway. But I took a few photos during the preparations.

Have fun!

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0001

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0002

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0003

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0009

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0004

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0005

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0006 ©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0007

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0008


©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0010

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0011

©itisnovember_FS_PREPERATIONS 0012


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