Memories – BALTIC SEA 2013

Here are some more impressions of my short trip to the Baltic Sea last year. We haven’t had that much bad luck with the weather as you may expect from the photos.

Actually this short trip turned out to become very special for me because it was the last trip I took with my grandfather to whom I have had a very close relationship. Unfortunately he past away at the end of 2013 so you can imagine that I’ve been through some tough times. Anyway these pictures bring back some great memories which is another reason why I’m so into photography. You can live a moment again and again whenever you want to.

Maybe I’m going to show you some more photos in the future, we’ll see. I hope you’ll all have a great weekend.

©itisnovember_BALTIC SEA 0001

©itisnovember_BALTIC SEA 0005

©itisnovember_BALTIC SEA 0002

©itisnovember_BALTIC SEA 0003


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