Finally Jenny and I were able to get to another shooting. For a long time I wanted to use pure white powder to shoot some portraits and experiment with light and focus points. Basically I tried to define and portray the structure of her upper body and to create something abstract and surreal. We were very lucky with the light conditions in her apartment so I only had to do a tiny bit of editing.

There are so many great photos in this series so I have to upload one or two other parts in a few days so stay tuned if you like these kind of portraits.

Please let me know what you think about them.

©itisnovember_JENNY 0005

©itisnovember_JENNY 0004

©itisnovember_JENNY 0007

©itisnovember_JENNY 0006

©itisnovember_JENNY 0001



21 thoughts on “Jenny WHITE PORTRAIT Series Pt. I

  1. I like the first three the most. I’m not sure what happens with the last. Is it a double exposure? texture on top? steam? And the fourth doesn’t fit in the series. It is very wide, compared to the other ones, more cropped to details… A really cool set of portraits. :-)

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