Kirill experiences Sanaa Cube – PORTRAIT Series Pt. I

A few weeks ago I discovered the Sanaa Cube in the internet and I was very amazed that I haven’t heard of it earlier although it’s just around the block. Kirill and I decided to have a look at it and to shoot some portraits. Its whole architecture is just amazing and surreal. We were all alone inside this gigantic building and normally you aren’t allowed to take photos inside but fortunately we were able to convince the doorman.

This is a special portrait series showing different versions of him breaking shadows. I really love experimenting with natural light and shadows and I certainly found the right place to do so today.

I’ll show you some more of the Sanaa Cube and Kirill in a few days but this is it for today. Just a little teaser.

Feel free to leave a comment wether you like the photos or not.

itisnovember_KIRILL_SHADOWS 0014

itisnovember_KIRILL_SHADOWS 0005

itisnovember_KIRILL_SHADOWS 0008

itisnovember_KIRILL_SHADOWS 0011

itisnovember_KIRILL_SHADOWS 0004

itisnovember_KIRILL_SHADOWS 0010


14 thoughts on “Kirill experiences Sanaa Cube – PORTRAIT Series Pt. I

  1. I like the photos a lot. I look forward to more than this teaser. Will there be any showing the structure itself in context?

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