Victory Column – BERLIN 2014

I hope you all enjoy these photos I took of the Berlin Victory Column a couple of weeks ago. Just found them in my library and thought they would make a great post.

At first I was very upset when I got to know that it wouldn’t be possible to visit the roof of the Reichstag building due to maintenance purposes because I really wanted to photograph Berlin from high above. So I decided to climb up the Berlin Victory Column one day and maybe get some great shots. It was actually pretty difficult to get a good photo because the sky was very hazy and foggy. Not the best conditions to get some details in your shot. But anyway, after a few minutes of waiting and enjoying the moment I got a satisfying result.

The Victory Column is a stunning building housing a lovely little museum inside. You should definitely check it out if you are planning to visit Berlin one day and enjoy the beautiful view.

itisnovember_BERLIN 0004

itisnovember_BERLIN 0002

itisnovember_BERLIN 0001

If you haven’t seen these other photos I took during my short trip to Berlin feel free to check them out, as well.


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