COPENHAGEN in Black & White – 2014

After some stressful and long weeks I got to travel again which made me very happy. Due to some different circumstances it’s just not possible for me to go on a long vacation this year. Having thought about many possible destinations for a short trip, I finally decided to take a trip to the capital city of Denmark: Copenhagen.

There is so much to say about this city and the people I’ve met there, I’m afraid I won’t be able to put their stories into one post. So I’m not going to give it a try and just let these black and white photos speak for themselves.

I shot these photos with a Fujifilm X100 I bought myself for short trips and everyday photography because my D800 gets way heavier every time I pull up my Billingham. It’s just more convenient if you really want to enjoy your trip I think.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and leave a comment if you like. As always I appreciate every kind of feedback!

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0026

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0006

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0008


itisnovember_CPH_BW 0010

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0015

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0016


itisnovember_CPH_BW 0019

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0020

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0021

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0022


itisnovember_CPH_BW 0023

itisnovember_CPH_BW 0024

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