Nico – Museum Ludwig Cologne – PORTRAIT Series

Yesterday I had the big pleasure to meet Nico from Bremen who is currently living in Hamburg for about a year now. We both went to the Cologne edition of Instagram’s Worldwide Instameet 10 and had a lot of fun hanging around with other great people. That’s definitely what I love the most about this little App – it really connects individuals!

After briefly walking along the Rhein some of us decided to split up and take a look inside the gorgeous Museum Ludwig next to the Cathedral (which turned out to be a brilliant idea).

I follow Nico’s feed on Instagram for a while now and really love his eye for photography. In contrast to his nickname on Instagram “Eskimo” he is a warmhearted guy and so easy to talk to. We’ll meet up together with a bunch of other guys later this year!

I hope you all enjoy this little portrait series. As always any feedback is highly appreciated.

20141005 NICO_LUDWIG 0001

20141005 NICO_LUDWIG 0003

20141005 NICO_LUDWIG 0008

20141005 NICO_LUDWIG 0002

20141005 NICO_LUDWIG 0004

20141005 NICO_LUDWIG 0011

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