Katharina – RuhrCongress Bochum – PORTRAIT Series

Katharina and I met for a fashion show in January where we decided to go out and shoot some portraits someday. We finally managed to meet yesterday… I don’t know but it seems like we are pretty busy people!

Anyway we had a good time and some great laughs as well. It has been a while that I went out just to shoot portraits and I realized how much I’ve missed it. We tried out a few different locations and this is one of them. Thanks again, Katharina, I really like the results!

My upcoming weekend is jam-packed with a wedding tomorrow and an “Instameet” with some awesome Instagram-people on Sunday. May you all have a great weekend, too!

As always, please leave a note and tell me what you think. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

itisnovember_KATHARINA 0001

itisnovember_KATHARINA 0011

itisnovember_KATHARINA 0009

itisnovember_KATHARINA 0008

itisnovember_KATHARINA 0010

itisnovember_KATHARINA 0003

3 thoughts on “Katharina – RuhrCongress Bochum – PORTRAIT Series

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