Lisa & Almir – Couple PORTRAIT Series

Today I had the pleasure to shoot some portraits with Lisa and Almir who asked me a few weeks ago if I could take some photos of them – and I agreed, of course.

We tried out different locations to get some diversity. I really loved their chemistry which made it really easy to get some great shots. Maybe the super late summer vibes helped a bit, as well. Today was a perfect light day!

The black and white close-up portrait is inspired by one of Pramudiya‘s shots that I really love.

But anyway I think the photos speak for themselves. Hope you enjoy!

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0020

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0035

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0009

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0025

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0015

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0032

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0036

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0013

www.itisnovember.com_LISA_ALMIR 0029

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