Jan – Art Beekn Gallery – Cologne 2014

Today Jan and I visited a rather small art gallery in Cologne where you can track further information about the artist by using your smartphone and an App. Actually I didn’t pull out my iPhone but just enjoyed the colors and took some photos.

Please enjoy this little series. I shot all of these with my Fujifilm X100.

itisnovember.com_JAN_ART BEEKN 0002

itisnovember.com_JAN_ART BEEKN 0003

itisnovember.com_JAN_ART BEEKN 0004

itisnovember.com_JAN_ART BEEKN 0005

itisnovember.com_JAN_ART BEEKN 0001

itisnovember.com_JAN_ART BEEKN 0006

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