Edinburgh in Black & White Pt. I – FILM

Today I picked up two roles of film from our short trip to Edinburgh last week. Two of my dearest friends and I visited a very good friend of us who actually lives there doing her masters. We stayed for five days just wandering through the city, randomly tasting different sorts of beer and having a good time. For everyone who didn’t have the chance to visit this lovely place I can totally recommend it. Walking through these tiny byroads, looking at old buildings and their remarkable and unique architecture is like listening to a symphony without hearing a false note – everything feels just right and there is nothing you would like to change. I’ll definitely come back next year. I didn’t put too much effort in taking photos because I felt like it’s more about the trip with the guys this time. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment, leave the camera in your bag or at the hotel room and take an imaginary image for yourself. The one you can remember and look at whenever you want. Anyway I made some black and white analog photos just because Edinburgh wants to be photographed by a film camera. I hope you enjoy them!

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0008

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0010 itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0004 itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0033 itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0003 itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0013 itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0029

3 thoughts on “Edinburgh in Black & White Pt. I – FILM

  1. Great photos and love the way that in the second last frame, only the range rover in the foreground betrays the actual era in time.
    As a side note, I have noticed that in my reader, I was only aware of the first picture and not the entire set. I nearly “liked” on seeing just that one photo but since I had realised this problem myself recently, opened your entire post and found a lot more pictures.
    I decided as a result, to start using galleries if I want to post more than one photo; that way, its obvious in other peoples readers, that there are more than one picture in the post. Hope that made some sense! :)

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