‘Analoge Liebe’ exhibition opening – DIGITAL

Yesterday I had the chance to participate in the opening of Tobias’ first exhibition at Unterhaltung Lieblingsstücke in Dortmund. The exhibition shows different kinds of analog black and white photos, containing mostly structural repetitions and urban areas. Tobias, being the man behind the gorgeous Analoge Liebe-Tumblr, a great photographer and friend, obviously did an amazing job and I highly recommend you to take a look at his work.

We had a great time at the opening, where a lot of old and new friends stopped by. Enjoy.

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0003

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0004

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0005

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0007

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0008

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0013

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0018

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0021

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0022

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0023

This is Tobias, the man of the evening.

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0025

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0027

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0040

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0029

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0034

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0036

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0039

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0049

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0038

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0042

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0043

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0051

itisnovember_TOBIAS_GALLERY 0050

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