Palina Portrait Series – DIGITAL

Yesterday was the first day in two years where there was snow in my hometown. So I immediately decided to go out and take some photos. Fortunately Palina was spontaneous enough to join me. Thanks so much for the wonderful company!

Palina and I were classmates way back in primary school. We haven’t talked to each other for years and randomly met a few days ago.

I hope you all enjoy this little series and as always any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

itisnovember_20141227 PALINA 0001

itisnovember_20141227 PALINA 0008

itisnovember_20141227 PALINA 0002

itisnovember_20141227 PALINA 0012

itisnovember_20141227 PALINA 0003

itisnovember_20141227 PALINA 0005

itisnovember_20141227 PALINA 0010

9 thoughts on “Palina Portrait Series – DIGITAL

  1. These are lovely. I do particularly like the colour version in front the bench.
    I’ve been realizing that I do miss shooting outdoors, finding light. I haven’t done much of that of late, and need to get back to it… :)

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