HEIDELBERG short trip – NYE 2015 – DIGITAL

First of all: Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve and may 2015 be your year.

Fortunately I had the chance to celebrate in Heidelberg. Many thanks to Elena for asking me if I like to join and visit some of her friends.

Luckily we had a few hours to stroll through the city on Wednesday and here are some results.

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0012

As a start please meet Till, who was kind enough to offer me a place to sleep in his room. Originally from Duisburg, he currently lives in Heidelberg to study chemistry. Being the host of the party together with his roommate Lukas, Till loves to DJ and is a real talent. You can find him on Soundcloud here.

Maybe you’ll get the chance to visit Heidelberg someday and I highly recommend to drink a coffee at the local coffee nerd. Great coffee and atmosphere. Till works there as well. This portrait of him was also taken during one of our coffee visits.

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0001

Inside Jesuitenkirche.

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0013

This is Elena.

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0005

View from Heidelberg Castle.

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0007

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0006

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0009

At Heidelberg Castle.

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0011

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0010

itisnovember_HEIDELBERG_WP 0014

Elena – Old Bridge Heidelberg.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little travel photography series. I really adore these old cities where you can get lost and escape time and reality. All of these photos were shot with my Fujifilm X-T1 which I really start to love. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me whether you like the photos or not.

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