Edinburgh in Black & White Pt. II – FILM

Here we go with the second part of my B&W film series of our trip to Edinburgh last year. I used my old Minolta SRT-101 which started to conk out. Right now I’m thinking about buying a new analog camera. Maybe I’ll go for the Nikon F3.

If you missed part one click here.

Hopefully you like the photos. Feel free to leave a comment or share.

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0012

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0002

Portrait of Marius.

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0034

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0026An entertainer doing his thing.

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0032

Portrait of Björn.

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0031

itisnovember_EDINBURGH_FILM 0027

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