Photoweekend 2015 DÜSSELDORF – DIGITAL

A few weeks ago Nathan and me went to Düsseldorf for Photoweekend 2015 in Düsseldorf. An awful lot of galleries opened their doors to show different kind of photo exhibitions. Dreamland. The minimal black and white New York series by Gabriele Croppi was by far my personal favorite. Stunning compositions and style.

We took a few snaps on our way.

itisnovember_PHOTOWEEKEND 0001

itisnovember_PHOTOWEEKEND 0002

itisnovember_PHOTOWEEKEND 0003

itisnovember_PHOTOWEEKEND 0010

itisnovember_PHOTOWEEKEND 0007

itisnovember_PHOTOWEEKEND 0011

2 thoughts on “Photoweekend 2015 DÜSSELDORF – DIGITAL

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