Frankfurt am Main B&W Series – DIGITAL

I was in Frankfurt last week, took some photos and strolled through some galleries and museums. Really loved the small exhibition at MMK Museum for Modern Art showing some photos of war photographer Anja Niedringhaus. Very strong and emotional images combining visual beauty and real life war situations. Saw some great contemporary art stuff as well. The trip was definitely worth it.

On my ways between galleries I tried to create some images. Please let me know what you think about them and which one may be your favorite.

All photos taken with Fuji X-T1.

itisnovember_FRANKFURT_BW 0001

itisnovember_FRANKFURT_BW 0003

itisnovember_FRANKFURT_BW 0007

itisnovember_FRANKFURT_BW 0006

itisnovember_FRANKFURT_BW 0005

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