ISRAEL in Black & White – Tel Aviv & Holon – DIGITAL

After some very stressful and exhausting weeks I finally finished working on my photo series of my Israel vacation.

Nathan and I started our journey in Tel Aviv before going to Jerusalem. On our first day in Tel Aviv we were joined by Oz, a talented young photographer. It was the first time he and Nathan met in person after they discovered their works on Tumblr and started talking about photography a few years ago.

In this first part I’ll only show photos I took in Tel Aviv and Holon. There will be other posts with more photos from Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Bethlehem.

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0007

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0002

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0001

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0005

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0006

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0009

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0010

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0012

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0013

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0014

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0022

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0019

itisnovember_ISRAEL_2015_bw 0020

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