BERLIN – Apartments – DIGITAL

Had to work in Berlin lately and spent some days checking out different coffee places, galleries and museums. Especially the “Eyes Wide Open – 100 Years Of Leica Photography” exhibition at C/O Berlin will have a long-term impact on my process of taking photos.

As you may know I also take photos with my phone and upload them on my Instagram which gives me the opportunity of meeting interesting and new people such as Carsten and Marcus, two local Instagramers from Berlin. They showed me an apartment building in Berlin-Neukölln. Please have a look at their photos and Instagram and feel free to follow them if you like what you see.

Shot all photos with the Fujifilm X-T1.

itisnovember_BERLIN_wp 0002

Carsten – @karstenkimble

itisnovember_BERLIN_wp 0003

itisnovember_BERLIN_wp 0005

itisnovember_BERLIN_wp 0006

itisnovember_BERLIN_wp 0001

itisnovember_BERLIN_wp 0007

itisnovember_BERLIN_wp 0008

Marcus – @marcusberlin

itisnovember_BERLIN_wp 0009

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