PRAGUE in Black & White – FILM

Been to Prague and only took a 35mm film camera and one Ilford HP5 with me because I mainly wanted to slow down and enjoy the city. We were very lucky and chose lovely restaurants and coffee stores offering incredible food and courteous service. Let me know if you plan to go there and need any recommendations. One evening we went to Prague Opera and enjoyed “Rigoletto” which was great fun as well.

Hope you like this small series of analog b/w photos.

itisnovember_PRAGUE15_35 3


itisnovember_PRAGUE15_35 4

itisnovember_PRAGUE15_35 5

itisnovember_PRAGUE15_35 8

itisnovember_PRAGUE15_35 11

itisnovember_PRAGUE15_35 10

5 thoughts on “PRAGUE in Black & White – FILM

    • Thank you so much! Yes definitely, think so too. Since I’ve been to Prague I said to myself to always have a roll of film with me when I travel, no matter what. Hope your digital photos turned out great anyway (:

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