ALI GÖRMEZ working in his studio at the East Side Gallery Berlin – DIGITAL

Been to Berlin again last week and visited Ali Görmez in his studio at the East Side Gallery. Fell in love with his art a couple of weeks ago when I saw him working on a giant project inside the building I had to shoot some interiors in. After that we stayed in contact and I asked him if I can take some photos while he’s working.

Thank you for the great stay and for being so kind! Enjoy the photos.

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0002

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0003

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0001

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0009

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0007

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0010

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0004

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0006

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0005

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0008

itisnovember_ALI_GÖRMEZ_atelier_wp 0011

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