INSOMNIA – Kai Schumacher @ Planetarium Bochum – DIGITAL

Had the chance to photograph Kai Schumacher’s beautiful and intense concert ‘INSOMNIA’ in Bochum a few weeks ago. The combination of abstract visual elements and experimental piano tones mixed with awe-stricken silence made the experience highly entertaining but also very melancholic. You were able to fully immerge into the dreamworld Kai was trying to create, leaving the concert hall with a feeling of disillusion.

If you speak German, feel free to read the well written article by Jan Kempinski for Hömma Magazin.

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0002

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0009

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0004

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0006

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0008

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0001

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0007

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0005

itisnovember_KAI_SCHUMACHER_insomnia_wp 0003

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