PRAMUDIYA “the misplaced” vernissage at Citypension Bonn – DIGITAL

Very happy and grateful that I had the chance to attend Pramudiya‘s vernissage at Citypension Bonn past weekend. Congratulations to the gorgeous photos and exhibition my friend.

As you can see I took some photos as well. Enjoy.

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0004

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0005

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0040

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0015

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0051

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0050

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0057

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0007

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0010

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0032

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0044

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0079

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0046

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0038

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0031

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0022

itisnovember_PRAMUDIYA_VERNISSAGE 0076

Michèle Lichte and Nathan (Pramudiya)

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