I have been to Berlin again and finally made it to KÖNIG GALERIE in Kreuzberg. The gallery is located at St. Agnes, a monumental former church at Alexandrinenstraße. Stepping into the show storage on the second floor is what you can call a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, not expecting this kind of enormity from an art gallery. You definitely need to take some time enjoying the rooms’ architecture and atmosphere before being able to fully concentrate on the displayed artworks.

I highly recommend visiting KÖNIG GALERIE next time you are in Berlin. May these photos be an inspiration to you.

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0015

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0014

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0013

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0012

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0010

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0001

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0002

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0003

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0005

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0004

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0009

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0006

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0008

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0011

itisnovember_KOENIG_GALERIE_berlin_wp 0007

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