KRAKÓW – travel photography – DIGITAL

It’s been a while since my last blogpost which is mainly because I’m quite busy and travel a lot. But don’t worry, I’m definitely not complaining.

Lastly I’ve been to Kraków a few days ago, enjoying the beautiful cityscape, amazingly delicious food & coffee and the great vibes of the Jewish quarter. We also spent quite a lot of time strolling through museums. Although there were some disappointing experiences such as the Schindler Museum (which you may all know from the infamous movie Schindler’s List by Steven Spielberg) there are still very great opportunities to get well informed about the history of Kraków, a city that played an important and devastating role during the time of Nazi occupation in Poland. We also drove to nearby concentration camps Auschwitz and Auschwitz Birkenau, places which mainly became principal magnets of tourism, but are still able to tell the story of the Holocaust with great decency and respect. Although I understand there are reasons for and against visiting concentration camps I think it is important and necessary to remind oneself of the most shameful part of our history and sometimes seeing something with your own eyes can have the greatest impact or change the way on how you think about certain topics.

Nevertheless I also took some photos along the way. Some of them are attached to this post but the vast majority I’ll show on my Tumblr page, where I upload one travel photo each day. Feel free to stop by and take a look on my photos from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Seville, Berlin or Prague. More photos from Barcelona, Berlin and Greece are about to come over the next few months. Hope you enjoy this selection.

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0075

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0008

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0010

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0086

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0031

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0045

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0038

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0015

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0014

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0023

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0013

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0026

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0046

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0033

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0050

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0077

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0041

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0052

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0060

itisnovember_KRAKAU_16 0085

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